The custom of February 2

  • 2022-03-04
February 2: new rain and sunshine

Grass sprouted vegetable a is temporary

Light shirt, fine horse, young spring

Crosshead line

Today is the second day of the second lunar month

It is a day commonly known as "dragon rise"

From this day on, everything recovers

Spring is really coming!

In terms of solar terms, February 2 of the lunar calendar

Often during rain, hibernation and spring equinox

Therefore, it is also called "spring ploughing Festival"

A year's farming activities are about to begin

On February 2, the Dragon looked up

The wind and rain are smooth and the harvest is good

Big storehouses are full, small storehouses flow

A good year begins with spring

On this day

People greet the dragon and pray for rain and harvest

Looking forward to a good year and a good harvest

February 2

Also called "outing Festival"

According to legend, it began in the Tang Dynasty

The people of Chang'an will be on this day

Go outing in groups in the suburbs

People also carry baskets and shovels

Dig fresh and tender shepherd's purse for food

In the warm sunshine

Men and women, old and young

Cut hair, eat dragon ears and enjoy spring flowers

Enjoy the spring

Wish for spring

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