Problems easily encountered in metal stamping processing

  • 2022-05-24
Metal stamping is the use of molds to make metal plates into parts of various required shapes on the press. According to the stamping processing temperature, it can be divided into hot stamping and cold stamping. Hot stamping is suitable for materials with high deformation resistance and poor plasticity, while cold stamping is carried out under the greenhouse. It is a common stamping method for thin plates.

Problems easily encountered in stamping process: deformation and burr of precision stamping parts; Bending parts are prone to crack, warpage, surface impact and angular deformation; Drawing parts are prone to flange wrinkle, drawing wall wrinkle, tension crack, damage, flanging crack, etc.

The solutions to these common problems are: reasonable concave convex die clearance value, fillet radius and machining accuracy in die design. When designing bending die, limited measures should be taken to reduce springback; The fillet shall be designed reasonably to prevent bending crack, and the blank holder ring shall be used to prevent wrinkling during deep drawing.

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