On the new characteristics of the development of China's hardware industry

  • 2022-04-08
1. The polarization of enterprises has further intensified.

It is understood that the next few years will be a period of high-speed shock in the hardware industry. The direct * * brought by this high-speed shock is the expansion of the bipolar decomposition trend in the current hardware kitchen and bathroom brand camp. It is expected that there will not be so many hardware enterprises that can really survive in the market in the next few years. However, this high-speed shock in the hardware industry will bring great opportunities, and the volatile * * will make the market operation more rational.

2. The capital operation in the industry is vivid, and the mutual assistance among enterprises is significantly strengthened.

In the context of global competition, in order to obtain favorable competitive positions and improve competitiveness, property capital is another theme of industry operation. SUPOR and vantage were listed successively in 2004, and Hongbao is also actively happy for the listing. Wanhe's capital market operation will not be restrained due to the failure of restructuring with yuemeiya. From the perspective of capital, the current important feature is that the expansion of capital is intensifying. From the perspective of competitive movement, the mutual assistance of resource sharing among enterprises is growing.

3. China's position as the world's hardware manufacturing center is further consolidated.

With the acceleration of China's integration into the world economy and the rapid rise of economic strength, China has become a dynamic economic region in the world. Luo Baihui, an expert in the mold industry, believes that China's economic measures are relatively perfect, the growth of wealth is relatively mature, and the labor cost is low. It has the comparative advantage of becoming a hardware manufacturing center all over the world, and the export-oriented growth characteristics of the hardware manufacturing industry are remarkable.

4. The integration of domestic and foreign enterprises was further accelerated.
In order to improve their own strength and expand the international market faster, domestic hardware enterprises will decide on a variety of skills to accelerate the integration with foreign enterprises, so as to improve product quality and competitiveness. While continuously expanding the markets of traditional countries such as the United States and Japan, it will also spend in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Europe and Africa. It is understood that China's hardware industry will continue the momentum of structural mediation, and some highlights will appear continuously. The bipolar decomposition of hardware enterprises will become more and more intense. Some enterprises that do not adapt to market competition will withdraw from market competition through different channels, and hardware giants will surface.

5. The market competition will shift from price to products with high quality and high skill content.
With the deepening of competition, the profit space of each stage of the hardware property chain is being compressed, and the space of devaluation is becoming increasingly eliminated. More and more enterprises realize that price competition alone cannot create focus competitiveness, which is not the direction of long-term growth, so they are happy to explore new ways of growth. Many hardware enterprises have increased their investment in skills, developed new products with high skill content, took product differentiation as a permanent plan for enterprise growth, sought new market demand and created new economic growth points (such as small household appliances and other similar industries), so as to realize the continuous growth of enterprises.

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