Metal stamping parts are very important in life

Metal stamping parts are very important in life

  • 2021-11-18
Metal stamping parts are widely used in various fields of our life, such as some electronic devices, processing parts, auto parts and so on. Metal stamping parts are very important in life, but what kind of metal stamping parts processing technology is qualified?

1. Under the condition of ensuring normal use, the requirements for dimensional accuracy grade and surface roughness grade shall be as low as possible, which is conducive to product exchange and reduce scrap.

2. It must be conducive to improving the utilization rate of metal materials, reducing the variety and specification of materials and reducing the consumption of materials as much as possible. If allowed, low-cost materials shall be used to make the parts blanking without waste and less waste as far as possible.

3. Stamping parts must have simple shape and reasonable structure, which is conducive to simplifying die structure and production and processing procedures, that is, complete the processing of the whole parts with the least and simplest procedures, and have simple operation, easy to realize mechanized and automatic production, which is conducive to improving productivity.

4. First of all, the basic performance of the product must be met. The product assembly and repair need to be convenient, fast and easy.

5. Stamping parts shall be processed with existing materials and equipment, process equipment and process flow as far as possible, and shall be conducive to ensuring the service life of the die.

Before any stamping material is processed, the hardness test must be carried out, so as to determine whether the annealing degree of metal plate is suitable for the subsequent stamping parts processing. Different kinds of stamping parts processing processes require plates with different hardness levels. After the test, the scrap rate generated in the processing will be greatly reduced.

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